Family Planning

The mediation process can be used to plan for various stages of your life as a couple.

The first step in good planning is to create a safe, supportive place where you can have honest and open communication with each other.  A mediator will facilitate this communication, ask tough questions, help you understand each other's values, perspectives and interests, and assist you in making agreements about your future together.

A couple that is contemplating marriage will want to have a discussion about their expectations and finances.  Notwithstanding hopes and dreams, both of you may elect to enter into a pre-marital agreement in order to better define your financial rights and obligations. 

If you are already married and would like to establish some new "ground rules," then mediation can be used to help you determine the basis of your new financial understandings with the use of a post-marital agreement.  

Perhaps you are married and thinking about divorce. Mediation can be used to discuss your concerns and determine whether counseling or other steps would help save your marriage. 

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