Parenting Plans.

One of the best uses of mediation relates to parenting. The reason that I believe this is that no one knows their child better, than you as mother and father.  Ultimately, you are in the best position to make agreements about how your child will be taken care of and raised.   With my help as your mediator, you can make plans for your child, without handing over key parenting decisions to a judge, minor's counsel, or a custody evaluator.   

Generally, the agreements that parents make about their children refer to "legal custody" and "physical custody."  While the terms of "legal custody" and "physical custody" do carry legal significance, many modern family law practitioners refer to the agreements embodying these concepts as "joint decision making," "parenting plans," and "timeshare."  I don't know about you, but the term "custody" reminds me of jail and is certainly not a concept that I would want to introduce to my child. And trust me, I will always refer to your child by name, and not as "the minor child."

You may find that you are in divorce proceedings and need to come up with your parenting plan.  As your mediator, I can help with as little or as much of your parenting plan that you need.

If you are not married to your child's parent, you will also need to arrive at some sort of parenting plan.  This can be particularly challenging in cases where the parents may not have been in a serious relationship or lived together before having a child and now have to navigate a "merging" of lives so to speak.  

Perhaps your divorce or custody case has been resolved for a long time, but your children have grown and circumstances are such that your current timeshare needs to be changed for the future.

Mediation can be used to help you and your co-parent discuss important issues and make agreements about how to handle the many milestones, and even roadblocks, that occur during your child's life. For example, there may be relocations, school selection issues, religious issues, therapy/medication concerns, or changes in your family such as the introduction of a new partner or step-children. 

The mediation process can also be used to determine how and when to tell children about your divorce.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless.  

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