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Benefits can vary from case to case and are particular to the parties and their circumstances. Some of the advantages to consider are as follows:

1. Financial Factors: Mediation can be less expensive when contrasted to the expense of litigation or other forms of fighting.

2. Settlement Speed: Mediation often provides a more timely way of resolving disputes.

3. Mutually Satisfactory Outcomes: Parties may be more satisfied with solutions that they have mutually agreed upon, as opposed to solutions imposed by judges. Also parties may be more likely to follow through and comply with terms that they have agreed upon.

4. Comprehensive & Customized Agreements: Mediated settlements can address legal issues, as well as procedural and psychological issues that are not necessarily susceptible to legal determination. Parties can tailor their settlements to meet their needs.

5. Control: Parties may have a greater degree of control over the process as well as the outcome of their disputes in a mediated settlement, than if the case was adjudicated.

6. Minimize Stress & Emotional Conflict: Litigation can be very stressful. Mediation can offer a way of alleviating such stress. It can be extremely helpful in allowing parties to preserve an ongoing relationship, such as in co-parenting cases, or to terminate their relationship in a more amicable way.

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